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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I remember reading, years ago, that in response to Kurt Cobain's suicide Perry Ferrel said that Kurt should have just put out a bad album.

As crass as that may sound, it is actually sage wisdom. The problem is that it seems the wrong people took note, and what's worse, they didn't stop at one.

What is up with Pearl Jam? One stellar mother-fucker of a debut, and then turd followed by turd. Well, okay, maybe 'turd' is too strong, but it seems that Pearl Jam has tried very hard to not write hit songs ever since their second album.

And Radiohead. What are they doing? I don't get it. They are obviously capable of writing outstanding tunes, but after 'OK Computer' it seems they too have made a concerted effort to avoid releasing anything remotely accessible.

Ironically, Kurt's suicide note quoted Neil Young, who along with Lou Reed invented the concept of the head scratching release in order to relieve industry pressure.

"People tell us that we play too loud
But they don't know what our music's about
We never listen to the record company man
They try to screw us and ruin our band.

That's why we don't wanna be good
That's why we don't wanna be good
We're prisoners of rock and roll.

When were jammin' in our old garage
The girls come over and it sure gets hot
We don't wanna be watered down
Takin' orders from record company clowns.

That's why we don't wanna be good
That's why we don't wanna be good
We're prisoners of rock and roll."

- Neil Young, 'Prisoners of Rock and Roll'

Just a thought.......

I just pulled out "Heavier than Heaven" again last week... sad.
Bob Lefsetz talks about this constantly...
mathdude, don't mention bob on this blog. it could make jackson crazy
Radiohead is doing good things. Have you heard 'In Rainbows'? Turns out they're a band again.
I've heard a couple of songs from it on the radio, WEXP, 101.9, and I'd say yes they are a band again, but I'm still waiting for a song worthy of them.
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