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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


White label

I caught White Label, the former Four Fellas, at the Bitter End last night. Along with the name change, they have added a new member, Taliana Katz, who sings, plays bass, and plays guitar. She's a real asset. She nailed 'Baba O'Reilly'. The whole band, Max Fried on guitar, Will Balsam on key boards, Ben Irving on guitar and vocals, and Josh Wilson on drums, have improved a great deal since I saw them last. It's always a blast watching them play the same songs I cut me teeth on over twenty years ago.

After that I jumped on the L train to Williamsburg for the ViaSkyway show at Zebulon.

Incorporating the Golden Record into the set raised the question of horns. George brought aboard a trio of Sax players, who with only one day of rehearsal totally brought the ViaSkyway live experience to a crazy and wonderful new place.

It was also the first full band gig with JB aboard lending her sweet and inspiring vocals. George and JB have worked hard on blending their voices and it showed.

I think they'll be playing again soon. I'll let you know.

late night blogging, eh?

i am doing early morning commenting:)

thanks for coming to the white label show. they had a blast and then went out after the show for food and drinks with their groupies (the 6th grade variety).

i would have liked to see george and crew. sounds like a great show. do they play live often?
Not often enough, but I think another show is in the works in the near future.
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