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Monday, June 02, 2008


.....the good time music, the Bo Diddley beat.

Nobody has left a bigger mark on popular music than Bo. He will be missed. Jackson plans to mourn in celebration of his life and legacy. Yup, Grand Marnier tonight.....

That picture pretty much sums it all up to me.
I thought so too....
I am a big fan of the Bo Diddley Beat, but as a songwriter he was overrated. He was lucky to have been around when it all got started because nobody would probably know who was if he hadn't.
Lars, you're a shit. Fuck off, don't come back. I fact, I hope you die painfully as soon as possible.
As perennial Smoke & Mirrors session drummer Ron Machold will be happy to point out, Bo Diddley didn't invent the "Bo Diddley Beat." He will tell you that this is a fundamental clave in all music and that there are examples in all kinds of African and Caribbean music.

Then, his eyes will glow red and his skin will melt off, revealing a shiny metallic skeleton with the words "Cyberdyne Systems - Model 102" printed on the neck.
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I just know that it feels good when I hear the old 'bump de bump de bump-bump bump'.

that picture is indeed awesome, but i am a big fan of this one too


and if you click around fredwilson.vc, you'll find Hunter Thompson and Charles Bukowski too.

bo, charles, and hunter

the holy trinity
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