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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Both NYC Major League Baseball stadiums are being knocked down after this season. It was justified then that I finally managed to see a game at both Yankee Stadium, and Shea Stadium.

I really don't care about baseball. It is fun to go to the ballpark though, but the game is ancillary. I went because in each case it was a good excuse to get together with folks who's company I enjoy, and to eat ballpark food.

I saw the Yankees a few weeks back, and last night I did the Mets thing.

The Yankees weren't very impressive, but the Mets impressed me alright. I was impressed by how much they suck.

I don't remember how the Yankees fared. Not surprising, but I did have a good time with my brothers and my nephew Josh. Josh is always a lot of fun at a sporting event.

The food and beverage situation at Yankee Stadium went well beyond my expectations. All the standard stuff - hot dogs, sausage and peppers sandwiches, a selection of beers - was easily obtained within a short distance from anywhere in the stands, but a small amount of further reconnaissance delivers a food and beverage bonanza zone with a more than satisfying selection of more refined, albeit outrageously expensive menu items along with a wider variety of domestic and imported beers.

Jackson was pleased.

The Mets are awful.
Admittedly I went to the game bearing a grudge. I didn't always hold Baseball in such low regard. When I was twelve, in 1977, I was a Yankee fan. I don't see as how I couldn't have been. On that legendary team was a guy by the name of Willie Randolph, and he was my favorite Yankee. Willie's dismissal last week pissed me off. I understand the turbulent nature of managing a Major League team, but the total lack of regard that he was shown by the Mets is shameful.

In their complete breakdown against Seattle on Tuesday night (0-11), I couldn't see as to how things were any better without Willie.

Again, I didn't really care. I was there to hang out with Jimmy and Big Dave, and consume ballpark food and beverage.

Shea Stadiums roving vendors were everywhere dispensing with the dogs (very good) and brew (Bud Light). It seemed like there were more of them than at Yankee Stadium, but I realized that it was probably due to the lack of fans in the stands.

Like at Yankee Stadium, a brief walk at Shea will take you to a concession upgrade, but it falls well short of the mark set by it's counterpart in The Bronx. I did manage a decent corn dog, but the pizza was tired.

We left in the 6th inning when the score was 0-10.

Both Stadiums were easily accessible via subway. Jackson enjoys the train, more so after drinking. Driving to sporting events blows.

So, in summation, Yankee Stadium fairly well kicks the ass of Shea Stadium.

"The Yankees weren't very impressive, but the Mets impressed me alright. I was impressed by how much they suck." LOL!

The Phillips women all gave their men tickets to last weekends Braves vs Mariners game and it was great. Texieria hit three home runs, the first time a Brave has done that in a single game in forever.

I happen th enjoy the game of baseball, but let's face it, compared to the Jupiter size awesomeness that is football, well, you know.

Our ball park is a great place to watch a game. I'll go anytime.
I'm pretty thick skinned about just about everything, and you'd have a hard time hurting my feelings (mostly because I don't have very many),but you guys need to have mercy on a poor boy. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE A METS FAN !!I should mention that my two least accepted teams are the Yankees and the Braves,but what else would you expect? I've seen the Mets at Miller Park, Candlestick Park,and Great American Ball Park.I saw them in Philadelphia in 1972 and Shea in 2007.Shea rules. So does the #7. The best night's sleep I've ever had was in Queens.I felt like I was home.
I love it when fans talk baseball food. It gets me thinking about what I will choose on the weekend. I usually go with the plain dog and popcorn but every once and a while I'll change it up. It keeps the spice in my baseball relationship =)
Just wanted to pass along the link to baseball fans that use Facebook. Life Changing Box is an online game that allows users to win some big prizes for the months of June and July. A big prize coming up pretty soon is an all expense paid trip to NYC plus tickets to a baseball game (hint, hint). Let me know if you have any questions!
i am a mets fan (as is Josh) but i agree that this year's team is not very inspiring so far.

there is a stand on the lower level of shea where you can get amazing beer and the best sausages in any ball park i've been to.

but you have to have the expensive seats to get there.

and that sucks on principal

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