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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Top Ten AC/DC songs:

1) Rock and Roll Singer
2) Highway To Hell
3) Touch Too Much
4) Go Down
5) Riff Raff
6) Rock and Roll Damnation
7) Overdose
8) Down Payment Blues
9) Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be
10) Little Lover

Go ahead, I know what you're going to say, blah blah blah 'Back In Black' blah blah....

Top Ten Aerosmith Songs:

1) Seasons of Wither
2) Uncle Salty
3) Nobody's Fault
4) Lord of the Thighs
5) Last Child
6) Sweet Emotion
7) No More, No More
8) Draw the Line
9) Adam's Apple
10) Mama Kin

Top Ten Live Records

1) UFO - 'Strangers in the Night'
2) Kiss - 'Alive'
3) Motorhead - 'No Sleep 'til Hammersmith'
4) Ted Nugent - 'Double Live Gonzo'
5) Thin Lizzy - 'Live and Dangerous'
6) Aerosmith - 'Live Bootleg'
7) Neil Young - 'Live Rust'
8) Ian Hunter - 'Welcome to the Club'
9) The Band - 'The Last Waltz'
10) Tom Petty - 'Pack Up the Plantation'

Top Ten Stand-Up Comedians

1) Eddie Murphy
2) Steve Martin
3) Eddie Izzard
4) Richard Pryor
5) Gilbert Gottfried
6) Bobcat Goldthwaite
7) George Carlin
8) Chris Rock
9) Dave Chapelle
10) Sam Kinison

you are inviting debate with a post like that.

i am just going to leave four comments

Sick As A Dog
Get Yer Ya Yas Out
Don Rickles
blah blah blah 'Ride On' blah blah...

You know it.

'TNT' almost made it, maybe it should have, on any given day the list could be different, but 'TNT', like 'High Voltage', 'Problem Child', 'Bad Boy Boogie', which are all great songs and classics; they are sort of standard AC/DC formula stuff. Much like Hip Hop, a lot of AC/DC is bluster type "I'm so bad..." braggadoccio. I look deeper, past the obvious, for the truly great songs.

As for 'Sick As a Dog', again, it's a classic, but if falls just short of the mark.

'Get Yer Ya Yas Out' should have made the list, a ghastly oversight. I'd say it should rank either before or after 'Live and Dangerous'. A tie? At any rate that knocks Petty off the list, but I'm okay with that. There are three or four cuts on '....Plantaion' that don't slay me, but 80% of it is just superb.

Don Rickles? Hmmm. Nope. Not funny enough. Good talk show guest, but he doesn't rank in my book.


Shit.... you got me with that one too. A total lapse.

I guess 'Ride On' would knock off 'Little Lover'.

For the record, 'Hell's Bells' almost made the list as well.
I was surprised not to see It's A Long Way To The Top up there. Bagpipes!

And no Live After Death?
I struggled with 'It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll), but in the end It didn't make the list.

'Live After Death' might make my Ten Worst Live Records list. Sounds awful, and Bruce never could do Dianno well. The record is way too long, the grooves on the vinyl are so tight that the result is a barrage of blurry mid range.
In 1995 or so I was dragged to a gentlemen's club in Vegas by some friends, there for a weekend before I got married. Walked into the club and Ride On is playing, loud, really loud, pole dances and all. I'm thinking, "Vegas is pretty cool."
how does "Dirty Deeds" not get on that fucking list?
By me not fucking putting it there.
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