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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Okay, I can't hold back until tomorrow, so I'll post one more today, but then you - and I, will just have to wait until tomorrow.

"To like us, you have to try and understand us. You
can't come in and just let your first impressions lead you, because your first
impression will be a band that doesn't play real well, is very loud, and might
be drunk. Beneath that is a band that values spirit and excitement more
than musical prowess. To me, that's rock and roll, and we're a rock and
roll band." - Paul Westerberg

What you read time and again in this book - this oral history, is that people took to the Replacements because they saw themselves in the band. They felt the band was for them, that they were the band as much as the band was the band. With this quote, Paul could be describing every single band I have ever been in. I'm a Replacement too.

Love the post, love the quote, but I'm confused here, did Paul W. actually say this, or is it what you are atributing this to what he might say?

Who invested liquid soap and why?
It's a quote - read the proir post.

Are you saying I should invest in liquid soap?

What does liquid soap have to do with the replacements?
The guy all the way on the left looks like Rattner from Fast Times... or was it Damone?
the demo track that jesperson fell in love with, raised in the city, sort of says it all about the band
Ratner for sure.
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