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Saturday, June 07, 2008


"Paul and Bob got into a bloody fight one night on stage at the Entry. They were probably arguing over who was drunker or which song to do. They punched each other, rolled around on the stage and both got up bloody. Tommy and Chris kept whatever song they were playing going. Then they were like sailors reporting for duty, back at the mic and on lead guitar. I think the set went OK after that, like they both needed to throw up and felt better after they did." - Jay Walsh

Part of the mystique has been the band fights on stage. After Bob was kicked out, Paul's attention turned to Chris. Chris didn't feed off it like Bob did. I see now what Stinkrock means when he says that the band ended with Bob's departure, although I still maintain that 'Don't Tell A Soul' is a great record, it's just not a great Replacements record.

i think most great rock and rollers need someone to feed off of. for paul, that was bob
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