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Thursday, June 05, 2008


A recent feature on AVC lately has been the 'Deriot Quote of the Day', and since Fred sent me a copy of 'All Over but the Shouting: an Oral History', I though it fitting to do a similar feature here.

Much like my brother's posts, they won't all actually be Paul Westerberg quotes, but they will all be about the Replacements, so in turn, they will be about Paul in some respect.

"Anita wanted Replacements songs played at the wake.
When I walked up to the casket, 'Johnny's Gonna Die' was playing." - Paul Westerberg

Life is death. The Replacements were life, and now they are dead. Technically they died before Bob, and in many ways Bob predeceased the band, but as long as some grasping misfit kid finds 'I Will Dare', they will always be a life giving force.

i've run out of doriot quotes so i am happy you are taking the quote of the day thing and running with it for a while
i won't yet join the galloing herd at twitter, but having lived and worked in the gallop of menlo park for 20 years and a slavish fan of the 'mats for the 20 before that (to today), Fred's blog is truly bliss for both halves of the brain. thanks for this one, too! awesome.
Welcome Randy. Bob bless you and keep you.
What about quotes about the 'Mats, such as my favorite:

“How cool is it that they wrote a song called ‘Alex Chilton?’ I mean, what if the Rolling Stones had written a song called ‘Chuck Berry’?” - Slim Dunlap
Ah, the failings of twitter, you see Andy, there's more than one post over here, come on back sometime and check it out, besides, that was only the first post in a series. I though it was a fitting start - Bob's funeral.

Ahhh, they never get it....
I just don't want all the quotes gone on day 1. You know I once help the copy of the book you are now holding.
I thought as much. As I said to Fred, if we keep passing it along it may end up in Westerbergs hands all dog eard and battered like one of his songs.
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