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Thursday, June 05, 2008


"We named it 'Tim' for no reason at all. We had
other titles kicking around; this was the first time we named an album after it was done. We sat around a bar, we were gonna call it either 'Whistler's Mammy', 'Van Gogh's Ear', or 'England Schmingland'. I think I said 'Tim', and we sat and laughed for a few minutes and then we said, "Why not?" No one's really done that. It took us dumbos to come up with that." - Paul Westerberg

I always thought there must have been a 'Tim' that the record was named after. This is much more satisfying, though I think I like 'England Schmingland' better.

The great thing was they knew exaclty who and what they were. They never got high on their own supply.

You're gonna waste all the good quotes on day 1. Actually I read the book I know there are months of good quotes. Actually you're reading a copy I read, was passed the book, and then passed along.
I have a bunch saved to post in the days ahead, somehow you managed to comment on an unpublished post.

Andy? Is there something you'd like to tell us? Who do you really work for?

They got high on any and every supply they could find.
J/ I don't know how that happened, funny huh?

Now, they did get high on their pharma supply, but they also never believed their own bullshit. That's solid.

Saw your bro today too . . .
Wow. I wish I had checked your blog sooner. What a wonderful idea. Is this an autobiography or a biography; this book you are reading.

My contribution to the daily Westerberg quote is obviously Clarkie's own sheepish quoting of Westerberg to Westerberg...

"If only you were lonely too."

What a dumbass.
van gogh's ear would have been a great name for a record

i think i'll try to convince josh to call his band that instead

It's an oral history, a collection of quotes. Paul gave his blessing, but he asked the author, Jim Wlash, to call it unauthorised because "unauthorised sells better".

There's one person in line in front of you, but when he's done I'll ship it to ya. It's a 'pas along', so you must do the same.
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