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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sisters of Mercy, 'Floodland', 1987

The Joe Man turned me on to this monster record back in 89/90. 'Lucretia My Reflection', and 'This Corrosion' are the tracks that hooked me. I'm sure I have them on some cassette mix-tape somewhere, but I need the vinyl.

Pop Will Eat Itself, 'Dos Desdos Mis Amigos', 1994

Rob Kendall, my roommate for much of 94-99, had this record. I don't know about the whole album, but the lead-off track, 'Ich Bin Ein Auslander', is total bad ass shit. I need it, hope it was released on vinyl.

Radiohead, 'The Bends', 1995

Radiohead's second effort, 'The Bends' is probably their best effort, made back when they were actually concerned about writing good songs.

Spiritualized, 'Pure Phase', 1995

Again, Rob Kendall turned me on to Spiritualized, as well as Spacemen 3, Jason Spaceman's former band. 'Pure Phase' is mindblowingly good, featuring 'Let It Flow', 'Lay Back In the Sun', and 'Medication' among other odes to opiates.

Nine Inch Nails, 'Fixed', 1992

The companion piece to the 'Broken' EP, 'Fixed' features absolutely insane remixes of tracks from 'Broken'. 'Fixed' scared the shit out of me.

Ministry, 'Psalm 69', 1992

The epitome of Industrial Metal, and Ministry's finest moment, 'Psalm 69' scared the shit out of me as well. Gibby's vocal on 'Jesus Built My Hotrod', and William Burroughs' spoken word on 'Just One Fix' help place this record at the top of the Sickest Shit Ever list.

Pigface, 'Notes from the Underground', 1994

Another Kendall discovery, Pigface is the brainchild of Martin Atkins, and features a revolving cast of characters including Al Jourgensen, Genesis P. Orridge, and Jello Biafra among other total nutjobs. 'Chikasaw', featuring Lesley Rankine (Ruby), just blows me away.

I have The Bends on vinyl. I totally agree with your comment. Only Radiohead album I ever bought. Nothing else ever grabbed me, but I really like this album. I got the vinyl when I was over in London in 1996. I do, however, have some gatefold single of Creep that was a promo when I was working at Tower Records. No one had ever heard of the band, so since it was vinyl, I grabbed it. It's some numbered thing that they all singed, with four live songs. Pretty good, actually. Creep, You, Vegetable, and Killer Cars. All but Killer Cars were recorded at the Metro in Chicago and Killer Cars recorded live on KROQ radio.
Btw, you should be checking gemm.com more often. I bet most of what you're looking for is there. Both Floodland and the PWEI are there on vinyl.
the bends is my favorite radiohead record by far. most people go with ok computer, which i like, but the bends is just more fun to listen to.

there's a new spiritualized record called A&E that's really good and has been in heavy rotation in our house all month.
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