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Saturday, July 12, 2008


In surprisingly prudent fashion, I have not read Rolling Stone in a good long time, but, as happens, somebody left a copy of the recent Obama cover issue at the studio. I walked in the door a couple of days ago, and right on top of the computer keyboard was the magazine, conspicuously opened to the Rush article. I wonder who would do that?

I read the Rush article. Same article it always is. Geek band, geek audience, still at it, the geeks inherit the earth.......blah, blah. When I finished the Rush article, I promptly put the magazine down. No need to get dumber by reading that crap. Today, however, as Chrispy was mixing a tune, I opened the damn rag again. I went to the letters from readers, which for some reason I usually find interesting. Well it seems that Rolling Stone had published a truly asinine feature in a previous issue; 100 Greatest Guitar Songs.

First off, what does fucking Rolling Stone know about guitar?

Second, I should never read this stuff. To that point, I was fortunate that I was only reading responses to the fiasco, not the fiasco itself.

The first letter was from Chuck Berry's son thanking Rolling Stone for ranking 'Johnny B. Goode' number one. Can't argue that really.

The second letter was from an apparently astute individual who questioned the viability of such a list in light of the fact the the name Joe Walsh appeared nowhere upon it.

There is intelligent life out there.

There was more grumbling from others whose favorite guitar players who got dissed. Without even reading the list I know I'd be hopping mad about both omissions and inclusions. Whatever. There's no way Schenker gets a nod.

Another reader was confounded by the total lack of female representation, and admittedly, my initial reaction was not outrage, as I wasn't sure any women deserved to make the list.

Then I thought about 'Barracuda'. I'd say 'Barracuda' should most definitely make a 100 Greatest Guitar Songs list. Then I thought about Joan Jett. Isn't 'I Love Rock and Roll' a great guitar song? I've spent over twenty-five years worshipping that guitar tone, and the solo section? Damn, that shit is miles beyond anything Clapton ever came up with.

Early Benetar has some great guitar moments, but I don't think any of it makes the cut. I'd leave Lita off as well. Certainly no Vixen. What else is there? Am I leaving someone out?

I read the issue myself. I was not aware of the horrible shit that has befallen Neal Peart in the last few years. I can certainly relate to how it effected his desire to make music. Other than that, you're right same stupid Rush is for geeks thing. Asswipes.

And yes, if you'd seen the list (I did) you'd have tossed the rag in the trash.
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