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Friday, July 11, 2008


Over the years, Milkyum, AKA Mr. L. Smart, has been responsible for introducing me to much of what I consider to be my favorite bands/acts. He gave me Bowie, T-Rex, the Sex Pistols, Jane's Addiction, and the Dogs D'Amour to name a few. Sorry dude, Dokken never grabbed me.

Sure, eventually I would have undoubtedly found those artists, with the exception of the Dogs D'Amour. I don't think they'd have crossed my transom had he not brought home 'In the Dynamite Jet Saloon' in 1989 when we shared a tiny house in West Nyack.

A British Black Crowes with penchant for whiskey instead of cannabis, a slightly shambolic Stones meets Punk vibe much like Hanoi Rocks or New York Dolls/Heartbreakers/Johnny Thunders type sleaze Rock with some actual competence tossed in for shits and giggles? I'm not sure exactly, except that I dug them Immediately.

Led by the dentally impaired, mono monikered Tyla (vocals, rhythm guitar), the Dogs deliver the goods on 'In the Dynamite Jet Saloon'. Bluesy barroom guitar Rock with booze shattered vocals that describe a life dedicated to inebriation in a lyrical style reminiscent of T-Rex and Thin Lizzy (Marc Bolan and Phil Lynott), 'In the Dynamite Jet Saloon' was straight up Jackson's alley.

A lyric from the opening track, 'Debauchery', says it all:

"When the Devil comes down to get you
Your place is such a mess"

'I Don't Want You To Go', and 'How Come It Never Rains' are fully competent Pop tunes that any band would be glad to have written. Anthems like 'Wait 'til I'm Dead' and 'Last Bandit' litter this just about flawless record, and 'Billy Two Rivers' showcases the bands ability to dial back the bombast in favor of an acoustic driven sound that comes off as comfy territory for a band that simply could not have been as drunk as advertised.

'King of Thieves' ('Errol Flynn' in the UK) followed '....Dynamite Jet Saloon', and Mr. L Smart wasn't that keen on it. Granted is wasn't as strong as it's predecessor, but it does have some great moments. 'Drunk Like Me', 'Trail of Tears', and 'Ballad of Jack' are great tracks, but much of the record comes off as re-treads of 'Dynamite Jet Saloon', much like the second New York Dolls record in relation to the first.

The Dogs - Tyla and a revolving door line-up, have kept working, and released a record as recent as 2005, but the golden age of '....Dynamite Jet Saloon' remains the band's peak.

Jackson digs himself some Dogs D'Amour. Mayhap you would too.

Fukken Dokken..... I always appreciated George Lynch's technical ability. He has a killer singing style to his vibrato.. I was all tied up with technical playing back then... never could do it myself, though. Now I believe it is 99% feel... I missed that when listening to Gang of Four back in the day. I thought GoF was funny... I missed the attitude and passion in those songs. Let me off the hook with the Peter Brady Band already.
Dogs could write a hook... I have not heard them in YEARS, yet I can still hum all of the songs you listed.. Thats impressive. Tyla is some kind of Marilyn Manson looking character now.
Sorry, couldn't resist the jab. Consider yourself off the hook, besides all you have to do is throw Krokus back at me.
I picked up Jet Saloon last time you mentioned The Dogs on this blog. Great record.

Let's not forget that Mr. Smart also brought us The Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction. Just got it a month ago or so. That album he peeped us to kicks major ass too.
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