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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Forgive the belated nature of this post, I meant to get to it sooner.

So, 4th of July in New York City, the place to be, right? You'd think Philly would be the big spot on the 4th, but, well, as in all things, Philly is kind of a second rate NYC, isn't it? Hell, they probably would have had the Continental Congress in New York back then had it not been filled with dirty Loyalist bastards and closet anglophiles like Alexander Hamilton. They say Philly was chosen because it was sort of equidistant between the pompous New Englanders and the also pompous Carolinains. Sounds like a cover story, more likely they couldn't afford the rents in NYC.

At any rate, the Legal Diva and I manged to get out of the house and over to the Brewery, the mammoth structure - in fact an actual Victorian age brewery, that houses the new Smoke and Mirrors to view the fireworks. Smoke and Mirrors actually offers a great view of Manhattan, but we decided to join the party up on the roof for a completely unfettered view of the proceedings. The light rain was easily tolerated as Chrispy, Annie, the Legal Diva and I took in the spectacle. The fireworks guys that Macy's hires never fail to deliver a superb display in celebration of our nation's birth.

Later that weekend the Legal Diva and I managed a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dinner at the Heidelberg, and a lovely trip to the South Street Seaport with the Drunken Fool and his always engaging better half, Leslie. We drank huge beers in styrofoam cups at Jeremy's Ale House, sampled some fried seafood, and took a gander at the Waterfalls, a giant installation art piece currently on display in the Eat River that features four 'waterfalls' at various points on the river around lower Manhattan. It's fairly cool, specially at night.

It was a nice holiday weekend, hope yours was too.

mmmm Beer!
The New Englanders weren't pompous, they were insufferable prigs.

Philly can talk all it wants, but we all remember what the first capital of the United States was and where the first President took the first oath of office.

Philly can blow me.
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