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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Top three outfits featured by male performers in the movie 'The Last Waltz':

The women are excluded because, well, they're chicks; they live for clothes. If I did include them, I'd have a tough time choosing between Staples Singers. For the record, I don't remember what Emmy Lou was wearing; she's so stunning and talented that silly things like clothing fade way into the background. Joni looks like a coat hanger, literally.

1) Muddy Waters. A fact's a fact.
2) Van Morrison. Purple satin pants and matching shirt with the widest lapels in recorded history.
3) Neil Diamond. The shades, massive amber lenses. I think he borrowed them from Streisand.

Dr. John's scarf gets an honorable mention.

Top Three Batmen:

1) Adam West
2) Christian Bale
3) Val Kilmer

Top Three Bowie Guitarists:

1) Mick Ronson
2) Earl Slick
3) Carlos Alomar

Honorable mention to Stevie Ray, who is most excellent, but I can't really label him a 'Bowie Guitarist' for one album and no tour.

Top Three Modern Animated TV Shows:

Modern means within the last twenty years in this case.

1) The Simpsons
2) South Park
3) The Robert Smigel SNL stuff (Ambiguously Gay Duo, Fun With Audio, TV Funhouse...)

All you Family Guy freaks hush yourselves.

I thought that was photo of Bill Guitar Devine at first glance...
Oh yeah, you couldn't be more right about Emmylou. Amazing talent and quite a babe ta boot. I've been luck enough to see her a couple of times with various acts and I'm hoping that she makes an appearance at the Knopfler show I'm attending at the end of the month.
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