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Monday, July 21, 2008


First some background. In the mid 60's a social sub-culture developed in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. That scene died in the fall of 1967, but the bands that came out of that scene kept hippie culture alive. The pre-eminent band of that bunch was the Grateful Dead, and throughout the 70's, 80's, and early 90's a self contained society developed around the band, traveling to show after show. It had it's own economy based on the sale/barter of trinkets (hand crafted jewelery and pipes) and drugs.

In 1995 Jerry Garcia died, and with him, the Grateful Dead, but waiting in the wings to take the baton was Phish, a less blues based and more technically proficient band from Vermont. Phish inherited the fan base, the nomadic subculture, and built on it. Phish began putting on festivals that they not only headlined, but produced. They controlled everything.

Phish was a horrible band, and they eventually packed it in.

Now the Disco Biscuits, among other acts, are attempting to keep the Hippies alive.

Camp Bisco was a Disco Biscuits event.

I don't like them either, but tons of Hippies do.

Figo are not Hippies. We tried to wake them up a bit. We had fun. Figo played one of their best performances. The Hippies were afraid. Afraid of the Rocking. Silly Hippies.

Hippies have really dirty feet.

Did they have a bigger dressing room than the puppets? I hope you and the band managed to still have a good time. How many people showed up?
Just thinking about those dirty hippies makes me want to invade another Middle Eastern country.

I used that exact reference a number of times, saying that at least we did have bigger dressing rooms than the puppets, and yes, there were puppets.

Figo played at the same time as Tea Leaf Green, a fairly popular jam band on the main stage. Six people - outside of band, crew, and event staff, saw Figo, thus prompting the previously mentioned Spinal Tap reference.

If the band had been nervous they would have first had to imagine an audience that they could then, in turn, imagine to be in their underwear.

I was relieved, at least, that Figo did not choose to play Jazz Odyssey.


Try Vermont.
Sorry, yes, we all had fun.
If you don't like hippies or jam bands, then why did you go. I had a great time, and I don't see why you would be interested in attending a show that did not pique your interest. Because those of us that did have a good time sure as hell don't want to read about your complaints.
Easy there Grace, perhaps a little reading comprehension would be in order. I was working the event, you know those people on the stage, the bands? Well somebody has to set up their gear; that would be me. So back off, take a pill, and, by the way, as I said in the post, I did have a good time.

Nobody asked you to read this.

Can't take the heat, wash yer stinky dirty feet.
You tell her! Number one guitar tech that you are!
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