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Friday, August 01, 2008


I need help.

I have some Quicktime movie files that were created on a Mac, and they exist on a Mac, but that machine is not, and won't be anytime soon, connected to the Internet.

At home I have a PC, the very machine I'm using right now, that is connected to the web.

I burnt a data DVD of the movie files on the Mac and loaded them onto the PC, and the PC doesn't recognize them as Quicktime files. I tried to rename a file adding '.mov' at the end, and though the icon changed to a Quicktime icon, the PC tells me that it's not a movie file.

Can anything be done?

Do I have to find a Mac that's connected to the web?

What was the original file extension? Do you have the latest version of QuickTime on Windows? Did you try VLC (videolan.org)?
Is this coming from Final Cut?
If so, try one/both of these:
1. Make sure the Quicktime file is not compressed. (Option when saving out)
2. Open that quicktime on the Mac with Quicktime player. Save as 'self contained'. Should work.
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