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Friday, August 01, 2008


Training camp has started, the pre-season looms, and September is just around the bend. Not a moment too soon.

There have been the inevitable shake-ups born of salary caps and parity. Shockey is now a Saint. I'm very cool with that. Jeremy is a great player, but he was becoming a bit of a distraction for the Giants, and I'm sure Jeremy is looking forward to being a featured receiver in his former Giants Offensive Coordinator, current Saints Head Coach, Sean Peyton's offense.

For me, it's a win/win. Shockey moves from my number two team to my number three, and let's be honest, there's no way the Giants are going to repeat a Super Bowl appearance. I'm sure they'll do well, hopefully keep the Cowboys out of the championship, but it's not Big Blue's style to dominate dynasty like.

I'm very hopeful for the Saints. They have a lot of talent. The main obstacle for them is the health of Deuce McAllister. His knee is still an issue, and it became apparent last season that Reggie Bush was not going to pick up the slack. How could he when he's afraid of getting hit. Reggie is a sideline seeking pussy. He might be useful as a receiver, but until he grows some balls, he'll never push the pile and move the chains.

Ah, the Jets. Last weekend, as the Favre question captivated sports media, the idea that the Jets might take him was tossed about. Foolish non-sense. Favre is not the answer for the Jets, hell, he's probably not the answer for any team, except maybe the Cowboys who could use a male quarterback to replace the woman Romo even for one season.

No, what the Jets need, they bought during the off-season, an offensive line. Sure, a QB with a killer arm and nimble legs would be great, but Chad can do the job as long as he's got protection, something he and Kellen Clemens, as well as Thomas Jones lacked last year.

The Jets defense took a hit with the Vilma trade. He'll be missed, but again I don't lose because he too will be wearing the Black and Gold down in the Big Easy, and a welcome addition he will be, as the Saints defense was their big weakness last year.

And what of Tony Alva's Falcons? Is there hope? Maybe, certainly more so than Mathdude's Cardinals. 2008 will not see victory coming out of Arizona.

Yeah, I know, thinly veiled.......

Yes, the smell is in the air isn't it?

Too early to tell re: the Dirty Birds. From what they've printed in the paper, there is a much improved moral in camp. I think that has a lot to do with shedding dickheads like Deangelo Hall who did nothing but complain and agitate last year. Matt Ryan from BC has made some friends too. He purchased a $15,000 sound system for the locker room that made an immediate splash. First record played: Ozzy's Blizzard.

The far superior game of college football starts for us early on Thursday night when the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech play Jacksonville State (total cupcake pairing that had to be scheduled quickly after Army decided not to play GT after last years game). It will be worthy of attention as GT and new coarch Paul Johnson, formally of Navy rollout their new option based offense. Johnson took Navy from laughing stock to bowl contenders in every year sans his first at Navy and I for one think he'll do the same for GT.
Blah blah blah, college football, blah blah...

Sorry Dude, you're breaking up, gotta run....
J.E.T.S. - Jets, Jets, Jets!
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