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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Eli Manning runs it in for the first touchdown of the NFL season. Big props to Plexico for getting them in the red zone on the first drive.

Oh, it's on.....

The blue men looked strong, but they've got work to do. They should have destroyed the Redskins who looked like last years Falcons. All said and done, it's good to get a win your first game of the season.
Typical Giants with all the fuck ups giving away field position etc. But they did look good before they got bored.

I'm ready for the new look gang green on sunday.
What time are you coming over?
With enough time to get a good head of steam before kick off. The game is @ 1, so I figure 12:30 or so.
The Giants rarely do more than they have to to win, blowouts aren't their style. They'll lose a few, but they'll do well in the end. I doubt they'll repeat the championship, but, hey, if they hate the cowboys as much as we do, they just might pull it off, they have the ability.
Naturally, we have been celebrating in a quiet way, that the Giants are currently undefeated....
Who is the young boy whose picture is posted on your page? Someone I know???
That's 'Jackson', so yes, and no.
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