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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey, assholes, it's my fucking blog, a place where I'm free to vent my hatred as I see fit. I hate the Patriots, and I hate Republicans. I suggest that if you are too much of a sissy to handle some strong language thrown at Republicans and Belichick's team of cheating shit weasels, then stay the fuck away, go to the thousands of 'I Love Tom Brady' blogs, go worship the book banning creationist and the doddering old fool she shares the ticket with at the thousands of websites dedicated to such idolatry.


If you love music, non cheating football teams, truth, justice, and reason, then please read on friend.


Okay, I had just got out of bed when I wrote that, so I'd like to add the following addendum:

1) 'Anonymous' will always have fecal matter slung at themselves upon entry.
2) I don't hate anyone I know.
3) Please leave comments, if, and only if, they are more than mere diagnostic statements about my emotional state or psychological makeup. I have professionals working on that, thank you.

I love music, non cheating football teams, truth, justice, and reason!
we love Jackson and all he represents. Or most of it anyway.
Man, you and your brother are on a roll. He's sounding very Savage Distortion like in one of his last posts and flames are flying everywhere in the comments.

Think I'll stay out of NYC for awhile lest I walk by the wrong alley way...
In Anon's defense, I have to admit that I was mildly disgusted with my boyfriend when I found him doing a fist-pumping happy dance on the living room floor upon learning of Tom Brady's untimely professional demise. I held my tongue, but could not shield my disaproving glance.
Also, I've come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin is indeed a fembot.
Jackson, did you italicize your 'Savage Distortion' title banner? It seems to be leaning to the right. Oh, did I just say that?

Sorry, go back to hating us...
Hey, don't tell me who to hate, what the...hey...that guy...
great post, i might have to reblog it. it sums up the way i've felt many times
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