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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Book-Banning Creationist.

Look before you leap people. Go ahead, vote for McCain, if you want your children to grow up in a land of faith based ignorance. If you oppose a woman's right to choose, then by all means vote for John McCain.

I want to believe America is better than this. I really hope so.

Her teeth are very white and straight. Never trust anyone with perfect teeth.
The Gang Green posted a big opening day win and you went with a Palin slag on a Sunday post? Where are your priorities son?!

Did you go to the game? Favre Beans looked good in the highlight reels. He looked pumped to be playing for the Jets.

Dude you are so on a whole different planet. The woman could be president, she's a creationist and a book banning one at that. You need to respond to that.

This post went up at 9 am, before Football, you are evading the issues like a true republican.

My football post will come Tuesday morning.
Will she get her tits out if you vote for her?
Or even better, her daughters.
Okay... Yes, I do have a problem with the fact that she MIGHT be a creationist (I freely mock creationists and will continue to do so whether she becomes VP or not), I'm not inclined to believe that she'll impose that kind thing on the rest of us, and certainly statements like "The Origin of Species was presumably on the list of offensive tomes, since Palin, a fierce sceptic vis-à-vis "the theory" of evolution, supports the teaching of creationism in the schools..." make it so when they use the word "presumably". Yeah, and Obama "presumably" is a Muslim right?

You're just pissed because she's successfully blown away all that Messiah hype from your guy in one single speech.

There, let the WWF flames roar...

Now, about those Jets.

Did you catch the Falcons game? Could be an interesting year here in the A-T-L!!!
She's dangerous. You know it. The only person she blew away was John Mccain.

Falcons looked great.
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