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Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL 2008, WEEK 2

I'm not doing picks this year, at least not all the games like I've done the past few years. Instead, I'm just going to concentrate on the important games, by which I mean games involving the Jets, Giants, Saints, Falcons, Cardinals, Cowboys, and the cheating Pats. I'll probably also touch on other interesting match-ups, but mainly I'm going to stick to the actually relevant games.

Of course the big game this week is the Jets/Pats battle royal at the Meadowlands. Now, I'm no fool, contrary to popular belief based on absolutely insane statements made right here, but all that stuff is just entertainment. In all actuality I'm a man of reason, and reason dictates that even without Tom Brady, the cheating Pats are still a very dangerous and talented team. I mean all Matt Cassel has to do is get the ball near Moss and Welker and they'll do well. The X Factor, however, is two-fold. First, the Pats have to play on unfriendly turf, and you can bet that the Jets are going to show up armed with a mighty axe for some mighty grinding. There's more than just bad blood between these two camps, and X Factor number two, Brett Favre, is certainly capable of leading the Jets to victory. The lack of Brady simply closes the gap a bit, and hell fucking yeah I'll take it.

Jets win.

Indy/Vikings is a big game, both teams have something to prove. Indy has to prove that they are still the team to beat in their division, and the Vikings need to prove that they are as good as the hype. Let's face it, Jim Brown and OJ proved that a great running back does not equal championships.

Indy wins.

The Giants will beat St. Louis. Of course they'll let the Rams stay in the game, maybe even blowing a lead, before finally vanquishing the team that belongs in Los Angeles.

New Orleans travels to Washington D.C. (Maryland actually) to take on the Skins. I like new Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn, as I was a Seattle fan back before Holmgren, before the new uniforms, before Starbucks, but I think he needs some time to work out the kinks in his offense, and I truly hope he's given that time. In the meantime they will lose to the Saints.

Atlanta has a big division game against Tampa Bay. The Falcons surprised a lot of people last week. It may be too soon to buy wholesale into the new Falcons, but I'm hopeful, and I think they will eek out a win.

Miami at Arizona, last year I would have picked them both to lose. This year they are both much improved. I gotta go with my man Chad and the Fish, as much as pains me to route for other teams in the Jets division. I'm nothing if not loyal. This one's for the Legal Diva!

San Diego will lose at Mile High to Jay Cutler and the Broncos. I don't really care who wins, but it's a big division match-up, so I suppose it's a big deal, to somebody.....

Pittsburgh will continue to dominate the AFC North with a victory over Cleveland.

The Eagles/Cowboys is probably the toughest game to pick. It could go either way. Both teams are playing very well, and though the Cowboys may be a stronger team on paper, I think McNabb is in the zone right now, and that coupled with my hatred of the Cowboys leads me to pick the Eagles, again despite their divisional proximity to the Giants.

It's going to be a very interesting year, the playing field overall has been greatly levelled, except for Northern California that is. What's going on in the Bay Area?

Go Jets!

Go Skins, I like the coach and QB, for some reason anyone that comes to the team is compare to the two Joes, I hope we give both a chance to do thier job....Go Steelers, Go Panthers...Eagles kill the cowboys eheheheheheh
Looks like you didn't pray enough. GO PATRIOTS!
Shame on you for not picking the First Place Arizona Cardinals, Possibly the Greatest Team Ever Assembled - EVER! Boldin/Fitzgerald are going to be unstoppable if they stay healthy.
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