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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Very exciting week. All my teams - Jets, Giants, Saints, won their opener. Favre brought his 'hail mary' as expected, and the Jets receivers responded well. Eli got Big Blue off to a great start, and although they slacked a bit here and there, they managed a win, and that's what counts. Reggie Bush woke up from his year long funk. Thanks Reggie, we'll see how the next 15 games go.

Tony's Falcons emerged from their dismal performance of recent years with a victory over Detroit at the hands of hitherto unknown Running Back Michael Turner.

Even Mathdude's Cardinals managed a win over, well, San Fran, but hey, it's win.

Tennessee's unexpected win over San Diego was interesting, as was Chicago's victory over Peytie Pie. It seems practice is important. Unless you're Plexico that is.

The nancy boy Cowboys beat the lacklustre Browns. Big deal, let's see how they do against a real team.

The big story is, of course, my prayers being answered in the form of Tom Brady's season ending knee injury. Sure, they beat KC, but I'm confident that Brett and the Jets will crush them next week. I've heard that if Matt Cassel goes down, the Pats have the so superbly qualified Sarah Palin waiting in the wings.

Real classy to celebrate a season ending injury. A pitiful way to hope for a win.
Anonymous, get a name, look elswhere for 'class', and shut the fuck up you shit eating weasel.

How's this: I hope Randy Moss get's his leg broken. I hope Belichick eats a bad clam and dies of food poisoning. I hope an earthquake levels Foxboro.

(Looks from across picket line...shakes head in disgust)
(spots Papa Robbie accross the parking lot, winks...)
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