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Friday, October 10, 2008


Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview

A good record, certainly better than 'Astral Weeks'. It's got 'Jackie Wilson Said' on it, that's the only radio cut, but listening to it I found 'Listen to the Lion', which I really like a lot, somewhat reminiscent of 'Into the Mystic'.

Steve Hackett - Spectral Mornings

Former Genesis guitarist's third solo release from 1979. I had my reservations about this one. A spin revealed a decent and diverse record. The guitar player from Marillion definitely had this record. I couldn't help but think of the Misanthrope when I plucked it out of the bins.

Salt 'n Pepa - Hot Cool Vicious

The debut from the female pioneers of Hip-Hop, 'Hot Cool Vicious' features the classic 'Push It'. Yep, push it real good.

Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck (12")

A classic, it was only released as a single. Mine has a different cover.

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

The debut LP from the seminal Australian Punk band. I've only ever heard the title track. I'm eager to dive in to this one.

Starz - Violation

A solid record from the under rated 70's Rock outfit, the problem is that I forgot that I already own it. That happens from time to time, with almost 2,000 records in my collection, I sometimes lose track. I figure Tony has it, so, anybody else want it? Mathdude?

Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride

The second record from Leslie West's doomed early 70's band, I picked it up for the title track which Andy Rock spoke highly of.

Cheech and Chong - Los Cochinos

The comedy duo's third album from 1973, it features the classic 'Basketball Jones'.

U2 - Unforgettable Fire

As stated previously on this blog, 'Unforgettable Fire' is my favorite U2 album. When I posted about U2 a couple of months ago I noticed the LP had gone AWOL, it's probably at the studio, but I picked up another copy just in case. Hey, for two bucks, what the hell, right?

Ruth Brown - The Soul Survives/Ruth Brown Testifies at Blues Alley, Washington D.C.

My cursory search found no reference to this Indie label release by the Soul/R&B legend, so I used this saucy photo of the woman who's impact on music deemed Atlantic Records 'the house that Ruth built'. I'm quite sure the album title says it all.

Taj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues

The second album from the uber influential and consistently congenial Blues and Folk superstar, released in 1968 at the height of his career.

Eddie Murphy - Comedian

Highlights from his groundbreaking and just plain funny as hell 'Delirious' film. This stuff never gets old.

I don't have Spectral Mornings, but I do have a very weird superstition about Steve Hackett solo records. For some reason, I am convinced that listening to them brings me bad luck. Every time I used to play "Voyage of the Acolyte" on my Walkman in college, something bad would happen to me.

I don't think I've listened to them in years.

Hackett is a pretty interesting guy. He got the gig with Genesis because, unlike all the other guitarists Mike Rutherford met, Hackett was really into sounds and fitting into the ensemble. It's really a shame that his parts are mixed so low on those records because some of them are really ingenious. It's funny that on "Second's Out," he is almost mixed out entirely because he quit the band when they were sorting through live tapes to make that record. The only times he is audible is when he can't be ignored, like the solo on "Firth of Fifth" or the end of "Supper's Ready."

At the end of the day, he's better in the context of a band. His solo records have some interesting bits, but he just doesn't have the songwriting sensibility.
artBeing one of the few readers here to have actually attended a Mountain concert, I need to tell the story. Mountain was playing Gaelic Park in the Bronx circa 69/70. The Bronx had small little areas where neighborhoods could put on shows. So, Mountain decides to play at an Irish football stadium (small arena). What they may not have figured was these venues are attended by the band's fan base as well as the usual people from the stadium, which were drunken Irish Rugby Players (IRP).

The concerts starts on a hot summer day with Wet Willie playing first, then Mountain. Wet Willie played during the hottest part of the day and the IRP drank scotch to keep cool - lot's of it. The young greasers drank beer, lots of it. The heads sat in the bleachers and smoked pot and watched the devolution of humankind right before their very eyes.

After 20 minutes into Mountain's show, Leslie West decides to do a trick with his guitar where he holds a note for a very long time. Not such a big deal today but back then not too many guitarists did that. This really set the greasers hair on fire, screaming how great West is on guitar. The IRP who probably strained their necks at the feedback shriek coming from the stgae to see if the world was ending. This had a side effect of sloshing the scotch they drank equally thru his brain so they were smashed beyond coherency. The noise they were hearing coupled with the loud boisterous greasers screaming for more of this gahdawful shrieking led the IRPs to do what they do best - go on offense. So, as a group, they charged the greasers with bottles and the greasers got stomped into the mud. Meanwhile, West is still playing that same note. The IRPs decide to leave the park for a neighborhood watering hole.

The greasers are just slogging themselves up from the mud when Mountain decides the scene of watching them get slammed into the mud was too much and they cancelled the rest of the show. Of course that sets off the greasers who stand guard at the front of the stage and when a Mountian Roadie tried to remove as much as a wire from the stage, the Greasers would launch empty liquor and beer bottles at teh amps, drums, guitars, in a vain attempt to convince Mountain to stay and play. I didn't say the Greasers were smart. But they were stubborn. They kept the Mountain staff away from the equipment for about an hour while the police were called.

What was I doing? I was up in the bleachers with the heads. Not because I particularly liked Mountain it was just a show to watch. I was with the Heads for the same reason most people hang with the heads. And, in addition to accomplishing that task, we wanted to watch a concert and we got something more akin to a roman gladiator arena. I learned something that night, something profound that would change my life forever. Luckily I was really stoned on some good weed and I forgot it all before I crossed the street.
ooh, Los Cochinos is special

i turned Josh onto basketball jones this summer and he loves it as much as i do
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