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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It's sad that it has taken tragedy to get me back on the stage, but that's what has happened. A good friend and comrade in the trenches of pharmaceutical sales meetings suffered a brain aneurysm a couple of months ago. She now faces not only the challenge of a long gruelling rehab, but a staggering pile of medical bills. Being that Suzie is such a remarkable person, she has many remarkable friends who have come together on her behalf to stage a benefit concert to raise funds to help her family meet the costs of her various treatments.

The show will be Tuesday night, the 14th, at R Bar - 218 Bowery, starting at 7pm, and will feature, among other acts, The Bone Dog Blues Band, as well as Chrispy and myself performing as Smoke and Mirrors.

We'll be doing an acoustic based set with some electric elements. We spent a few hours today putting a set list together and re-learning the songs. We chose songs that would be suitable for an acoustic set, and were easy enough to whip into shape in 6 days. As it turns out, we're doing a number of cover tunes, about half the set, including:

The Guitar Song - Dead Milkmen
Teenage Girl - Darlings
There She Goes - The Velvet Underground
Halloween - Dream Syndicate
Take Me Out - The Waylons
Questioningly - The Ramones

Two of those bands, Darlings and The Waylons, are local NYC bands that we've recorded at Smoke and Mirrors Brooklyn.

The rest of the set will consist of original numbers, some of which have never been performed live. No, Virginia, there will be no 'Peace Chicken', but there will be 'Virginia'.

I'm excited to play again, and I'm proud to be a part of such a wonderful event.

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