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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Old news, I know, but I heard 'Crazy Train' on the radio on the way home from the studio tonight, and I listened to the rhythm section to determine if they were playing the original or the new (a few years old now) one with the replaced drums and bass. It was the new one, of course.

The decision to re-track all the drums and bass on the first two Ozzy records was, on the surface, a financial one, but more specifically, it was done out of spite. It was a despicable move on Sharon's part to short change bassist Bob Daisley's royalties.

The original rhythm section consisted of Bob and drummer Lee Kerslake, who also suffers financially from the re-tracking, but it was Bob that Sharon was out to get.

Why? Because Bob and Sharon have been at war for over twenty years over writing credit he was never given; you see Bob wrote almost all the lyrics on not only the first two Ozzy albums, but the following two as well, but he was never given the credit, and thusly he has been denied the publishing money as well.

Now, you gotta give Sharon credit for keeping Ozzy alive, but this re-tracking move has to be among the lowest deals in a business rife with slime.

What's more, it damages the song. Randy played his parts to Bob and Lee's rhythm. The greatest session players can't replace the groove of musicians playing together. Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin (bass and drums respectively), who did the re-tracking, are great musicians, and to their credit they did a great job of it, but in the end, it's just not the same, not as good, and completely unwarranted.

What a jerk.

I agree 100%. I like the new Ozzy commercial, though. I never would have thought 24 years ago when I saw him and Motorhead at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center that he'd be marketable. Kinda sucks in a way, though, too - like Back In Black being popular.
I remember when you first told me about this abomination on one of my trips back to visit you, and it kinda bummed me out the rest of the day. It's just unbelievable. As you know, those first two records are top amongst my stranded on a desert island list and it's just inconceivable. It’s like the Taliban blowing up those Buddhist holy sites in Afghanistan.

I can only hope that Ozzy is simply too far gone to know what his shark of a wife has done. It’s the only way he gets off the hook if at all.
Again the Rodney Dangerfield of the band gets shafted.

Why is it that the bassist never gets no respect?
I guess If you want respect, play funk or jazz.
Start calling Daisley the "Charlie Mingus of Metal" and maybe we can start a wave of respect for him.
Jazz is for tossers!
And a white boy playin funk bass gets even less respect!
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