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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've always considered myself more of a Mick Jones fan than that of Joe Strummer. Mick was the hookmaster, he brought the pop to the mix whereas Joe was sort of the Dylan of the band, his art was in his message more than the musicianship.

A few weeks ago 'White Man In Hammersmith Palais' popped into my head, I was Robin Hood, the famous early 13th century wealth distributionist for Halloween, and the line about Robin Hood suddenly surfaced into my consciousness.

"White youth, black youth
Better find another solution
Why not phone up Robin Hood
And ask him for some wealth distribution"

It dawned on me that 'White Man In Hammersmith Palais', a Joe Strummer number, was clearly my favorite Clash tune. More than that, upon further retrospection, my second favorite had to be 'Bankrobber', another Joe tune.

These revelations forced me to take stock, and here's the results:

1) White Man In Hammersmith Palais - Joe
2) Bankrobber - Joe
3) Stay Free - Mick
4) The Card Cheat - Mick
5) Death or Glory - Joe
6) Clampdown - Joe and Mick
7) Somebody Got Murdered - Mick
8) Hate and War - Mick
9) Career Opportunities - Joe
10) Safe European Home - Joe

So, as you can see, Joe eeks out a narrow advantage in the top ten. If I extrapolated out a bit, I'm sure it's stay about even.

So psyched to see that you and I share a love of "Bankrobber." I've always loved that song.
i guess it would be too much to ask for this as a playlist

great picks

love them all
just for kicks i created the playlist in myspace music.

it's here

So happy to see Stay Free in there - am amazing song and really the Clash's raison d'etre is you asked me, and you didnt ask
unlike so many acts, the clash actually gets better as the years go by. doesn't get dated or tired, still fresh smart thoughtful raw

some other huge tunes

i fought the law

charlie don't surf

brand new cadillac

guns of brixton
My top 10 would have to include Guns of Brixton (hey, I'm a bass player), which would add a third singer (Paul) to the Joe/Mick list lock.
'Guns of Brixton' and 'Brand New Cadillac' were both on the short list as was Paul's 'Crooked Beat'.
Yeah, what she said...
yes, great picks - many that I would not have chosen, but after listening to the playlist, I am glad you highlighted them.
Clampdown, Bankrobber, Somebody Got Murdered, Death or Glory would make my list.
Hard to look past the hits like Magnificent Seven, Lost in the Supermarket, Rock the Casbah, London's Burning, Should I Stay or Should I Go, etc., but I'd go with Janie Jones, Brand New Cadillac, or Jimmy Jazz over Card Cheat, Safe European Home or Hate and War.
how did i miss this?

Yes yes yes to stay free and the card cheat. i'd say the card cheat is mick's finest moment.

You're right about mick's role vs. Joe's role in the band, but without Joe there would've been no "Hate and War", I'm guessing.

My own list: Safe European Home, Complete Control, Rudie Can't Fail, Stay Free, Career Opportunities, Spanish Bombs, Death or Glory, Cheat, The Magnificent Seven, Garageland.
Uh, and the Card Cheat. Top 11.
I'm not big on 'The Magnificent Seven' except for the 'vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie' line, and the bass line of course....
We love Mick but we must say our heart has always pounded for Joe. Jt says that Joe's work with the Mescalaros is over the top. Long live Joe Strummer!!
Peace and Music, John and Jodi
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