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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I'm trying to think of something classy, something decidedly not smug to say, but, well, honestly nothing comes to mind. Since neither Tony nor Misanthrope took me up on the 'buck and a beer' bet, that would suggest they smelled the winds of change coming down the pike months ago, so I would suppose they've already gotten comfortable with the facts at hand.

I don't remember the buck and a beer bet, but I didn't see a way for McCain to win after the financial crisis started in September so I wouldn't have taken it. He never had a message after that and all Obama had to do was pretend he was just a generic Democrat.

I still think Americans just bought the biggest pig in a poke in history and many of them are going to be quite surprised what they got. Even the greatest President of all time will not be able to live up to the ludicrous hype surrounding Obama. It will be enjoyable watching his followers come down from their Kool-Aid high to realize he's just a politician.

If you want a good indicator of what an Obama presidency means for some, look no further than the slightly panicked announcement from Iraq today that they were confident that Obama wouldn't pull out too fast. Translation: Iraq's enemies are just waiting for Obama to withdraw so they can move in, so please don't leave us hanging again.

Good luck everybody!
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