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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Although my cable news viewing has dropped off considerably since the election, I do, from time to time, pass by MSNBC en route elsewhere, and I've notice a goodly bit of kvetching on the part of certain liberals about Obama's seemingly conservative cabinet appointments.

Get a grip.

I understand the concern; he campaigned on a platform of change, and the number of former White House staffers being called up from both the Bush and Clinton administrations seems like a harbinger of status quo.

Fear not fellow pinko-commies, for the promised change is well assured. Obama is the change.

In fact, his appointments are indicative of a decidedly different approach to the executive branch, one of inclusion. Gone will be the 'with us or against us' mentality. Obama will be advised on all matters by a variety of experienced viewpoints, but policy will be directed by him, his fresh outlook, his vision.

That will indeed be a change.

Wait, hold on. O'bama's using common sense and logic to dictate his policies? That's just crazy talk!
I'm waiting for him to bring in some fringe players.
Maybe a Green Party nutcase to run the EPA.
my favorite of his picks is rahmbo.

speaking of rahmbo, did you happen to catch this?


if not, you simply must watch it
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