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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sam Cooke - The Man And His Music

Two discs - twenty-eight tracks of magic courtesy of Sam Cooke. Great score.

Marillion - Misplaced Childhood

Yes, I already own this one, but I found the European gate fold version, and my copy from 1984 has seen better days, hell, I need a new 'Clutching At Straws' as well.

Thin Lizzy - Remembering Part 1

A compilation of early stuff, this find does not fill the need for a vinyl copy of 'Vagabonds.....'

Can - Limited Edition

An excellent example of the rare find I had hoped for in Munich. Score!

Earth Wind & Fire - The Best Of

Big Party Record. I gotta say, the Legal Diva is doing a great job expanding the funkier side of the vinyl collection.

Electric Sun - Earthquake

Uli's first post Scorpions effort, it doesn't quite stand up to 'Fire Wind' (the second), but it's pure Electric Sun, which is to say it's pure Uli, complete with less than stellar cover art courtesy of his wife. That never works. I'd never seen this record before, hadn't known it existed.


UFO - The Best Of

Ok, that's not the album cover, that's the cover of the first record. I bought a compilation of their first two studio LPs and the live one that were made before Schenker joined in '74. The record I bought is so far out of print, and so unwarranted, so unnecessary that no image of it appears on the web.


The Staples Singers - Unlock Your Mind

This tiny thumbnail is all that represents the album image (on the web) of this stellar 1978 release by the most soulful act of the 70's. Up bup! There is no argument.


Reggae Gold (2008) - Various Artists

Nice ....uh....cover. There's some hot tracks on this soon to be party staple. I'm particularly fond of the Damian and Stephen Marley colabo.

Nas - Illmatic

Not new, but still fresh. Jackson digs the Nas. Thanks baby.

Wishbone Ash - Argus

This is what I was looking for. This is exactly the kind of record I was seeking. Wishbone Ash is sorely under-represented in the collection. Score!

REM - Out Of Time

Needed it for the collection. Mike hates 'Texarkana'. Dot, not Mills or Stipe.

All in all, we spent over an hour in Optimal, could have spent more time and money, but we dragged ourselves out before we did too much damage to our bank account.

Major scores all around! My brother has gotten in the habit of bringing me his back issues of Classic Rock magazine and I saw that the Scorps did a couple of dates in Germany with MS. The set list was incredible. They also did a nice write up on Marillion in the issue featuring Keith Richards on the cover. Classic Rock is an awesome mag. It's got it's fluff pieces ala Circus/Creem to be sure, but it provides hope that the art of rock is still alive.

What's the track listing for the UFO greatest hits LP?

BTW, took your advice and watched a couple of episodes of the VH1 Metal Show. It's rough around the edges, but shows promise. Just caught the one where they two cohorts attempt to trick the host into getting a UFO tattoo.

A UFO tattoo... hmmmm....
Indeed a UFO tatoo...hmmmm....

At any rate the Best Of UFO has such classics as teh Eddie Cochran cover (C'mon Everybody), 'The Coming Of Prince Kajuku', and a mess of other silly songs with silly titles like 'Galactic Love' and 'Boogie'. It's crap, but it's UFO crap.
totally off topic but both of you guys should see The Wrestler if you haven't already. the soundtrack alone will entertain but Mickey Rourke delivers big time as always.
I've seen that UFO LP years ago (not too many years ago) mostly their choog-a-boogie beginnings (as you mention above, but forgot the cover art. Could you scan and post at some point forward in '09?

Love the old rock. I've been gangbanging on old BTO recently in the house "Not Frag-ile"! That shit rocks.
Sorry, DFactor, but I have no scanner. Nope, no scanner, no iPod, no flatscreen, I'm living' the '90's dream.

'Not Fragile' is great.
Not Fragile is most excellent. It was one of my 12 songs I cited at the WPSG blog.

BTW, I invented "Up-bup". You can use it with my blessing, though.

If you'd send me your address, I'd send you a copy of the Prog-Rock CD that came with one of my Classic Rock issues (yet another reason CR is awesome).
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