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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Granted, not all the beverages are specifically Bavarian, indeed some of these moments occurred in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region, but you get the idea, right?

IMG_2504 by you.

IMG_2503 by you.

IMG_2491 by you.

IMG_2461 by you.

IMG_2254 by you.

IMG_2241 by you.
IMG_2244 by you.

IMG_2081 by you.
IMG_2059 by you.
IMG_2052 by you.

IMG_1909 by you.
IMG_1862 by you.

IMG_1787 by you.

IMG_1675 by you.
IMG_1669 by you.
IMG_1676 by you.
IMG_1656 by you.
IMG_1630 by you.
IMG_1586 by you.
IMG_1559 by you.
IMG_1513 by you.

IMG_1464 by you.

IMG_1463 by you.

I'm just relieved that huge Augustiner sign didn't crush the Legal Diva!!
It was a close call.
i think you should take all these images (just the ones in this post) over to animoto.com and see what kind of magic it can do to them.

i also note with both pride and some concern that Josh is the youngest imbiber in this set by a fair amount.
That shot of the J-Man is the bomb diggity. No concern neccessary, he explained the rules to us.
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