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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Drunken Fool and I went Vinyl shopping the other day. Here's my latest haul:

XTC - 'Skylarking' and 'Black Sea'

It turns out that I already had 'Skylarking' so it goes to The Drunken Fool.

Culture Club - 'Kissing to be Clever'

I know Tony Alva will mock this purchase, but I also know it will get pulled out during parties.

Bob Marley & the Wailers - 'Kaya' and 'Live!'

I'm closing in on a complete Bob Marley collection, just a few more to go.

10,000 Maniacs - 'In My Tribe'

The legal Diva is a big fan, but I like this record too.

Jimmy Cliff - 'Reggae Nights' (12" single)

More party music.

Barry White - 'Just Another Way to Say I Love You'

Barry is too smooth, this is our third Barry LP.

Falco - 'Rock Me Amadeus' (12" single)

I'm very disappointed, this copy I bought is warped beyond playability. I'll have to get another copy.

Edgar Winter Group - 'Shock Treatment'

This album kicks ass, as do all the Edgar Winter/Rick Derringer albums from that era.

Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland - 'Showdown'

An Electric Blues must have. I owned it in the 80's. I'm so glad I found a replacement copy.

City Boy - 'Heads Are Rolling'

The sixth release from this way under rated Canadian band.

Steve Vai - 'Flexable'

Another 80's staple I used to own and needed to replace.

U.K. - 'U.K.'

The debut from the Alan Holdsworth led Pop/Prog outfit featuring Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford and John Wetton.

Bon Jovi - '7800° Fahrenheit'

Hey, at 2 bucks I couldn't resist.

Squeeze - 'Argybargy' and 'East Side Story'

Shut up, I like The Squeeze, okay?

Little Feat - 'Sailin' Shoes'

I used to think that 'Waiting for Columbus' was all I'd need, but, again, at 2 bucks, what the hey.

The J. Geils Band - 'Best Of Two'

Another great lost 70's band, they had an entire career of rockin' before 'Freeze Frame'.

Twisted Sister - 'Under the Blade'

Yet another replacement copy. This one is great for a laugh.

Van McCoy - 'Disco Baby'

Gotta have 'The Hustle'. "Do it!"

Santana - 'Abraxas'

A classic, might as well be considered a 'best of'.

Another great hall for you despite the Culture Club LP. That Showdown record is the bomb. Flxible on vinyl, I'm not sure I ever heard it on vinyl. Seems like it was a CD staple in the Coal Mine days. City Boy: Mike Slammer right?
Yup, Mike Slammer. Dude wails.
I'm really happy with my War of the Worlds find.
Dude. Culture Club? Really. Culture Club? *shakes head in disbelief*
I specialize in confounding the small minded.
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