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Monday, March 02, 2009


Recently Tony Alva came up from ATL for a visit, prompting a stop by Generation Records for some vinyl. I got:

'In the Heat of the Night', 'Precious Time', and 'Get Nervous' - Pat Benatar

'Panorama' and 'Shake it Up' - The Cars

'Long After Dark' - Tom Petty

'Diamond Life' - Sade

'Silk and Soul' - Nina Simone

A few days later I stopped by my secret trove of used vinyl, and I picked up:

'Odds & Sods' - The Who

'Wings at the Speed of Sound' - Paul McCartney & Wings

'Red Octopus' - Jefferson Starship

'Emperor' - Emperor

(No Image)

'My Time - Your Time' - Straight Shooter

(No Image)

'Shaft' and 'Groove -A - Thon' - Isaac Hayes

'Tapestry' - Carole King

'Gold' - Ohio Players

'We Are Family' - Sister Sledge

'Wired' - Jeff Beck

'Repeat When Necessary' - Dave Edmunds

'Romantic Warrior' - Return To Forever

'Naturally' - Three Dog Night

'Sloppy Seconds' - Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

'Rainbow Bridge' - Jimi Hendrix

'Classics: The Early Years' - Neil Diamond

'Carney' - Leon Russell

'Journey to the Center of the Earth' - Rick Wakeman

'Sniper and Other Love Songs' - Harry Chapin

We are family-I got all my sisters with me?
I think that Hendrix album has "In From The Storm" on. One of the greatest Hendrix tunes EVER! Would love to record it one day.

The 'Sniper' is a classic track off the Chapin record. Spears and Caldwell were in a production of Chapin's music and when I hear that song I always remember Brain playing those killer drum parts.

Had myself a massive listening jam all day Saturday. The Petty and Montrose albums were the big highlights.
Good score! Especially "Shaft" and that Dr. Hook album. We need more "eye-patch rockers".
quite an eclectic collection of vinyl you got there.

why is the hendrix album cover so much bigger than all the others

and did you really need three pat benatar records?
The Hendrix image is larger because the other ones are smaller.

Pat Benetar Rocks, certainly more than Snow patrol or Arcade Fire, and those three records compliment her second LP, 'Crimes of Passion', which I already had.
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