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Friday, April 24, 2009


It's always cool to see a band play stuff you recorded, and doubly so when you genuinely enjoy the material. It was such an occasion tonight at Trash Bar when Get Help took the stage.

Chris and I spent a few months about a year ago helping Mike and Tony with their record. That process was about as smooth as it gets. The guys had pretty much worked out what they were going to do ahead of time, so there wasn't much dicking around, and as I said, I dug the tunes, so it was a pleasure to work those sessions.

For the live show Tony and Mike were joined by a rhythm section, a bare bones no b.s. unit of bass and drums that provided a solid foundation while Mike and Tony played guitar and sang - Mike played keys as well on a couple of songs.

There was a decent crowd for the 8pm slot, and the sound at Trash has improved somewhat since we were last there - TEDSTOCK, and like that event of a few years past, Mike was suffering from an infirmity that caused him some difficulty when he sang. Again, much like TEDSTOCK, he rose to the occasion and delivered an impassioned performance.

If you don't have Get Help's new album 'The End of the New Country', you should buy it, and if you haven't seen Get Help live, you should fix that too.

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