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Friday, April 03, 2009



Entry One:

So, I'm sorry that I've been so lax about posting, but I've eaten up over 1,500 miles in the past three days - 'Been ten thousand miles, been in fifteen states'.

(The Faint)

First night of the tour in support of Ladytron and The Faint was in Milwaukee. We played the Turner theater. Kinda cool, weird slanted stage. The crowd was great, all the Lavernes and Shirleys with their hipster boyfriends. We got miracled, and just in time because my stomach was kaflooey, but a kindly angel provided the proper herbal remedy and I was right as rain for the after party.


The next night we did a drive by on Minneapolis. We played an early all ages show at First Avenue - yep, the famous club of stage humping diminutive musical genius fame - 'do you want him, or do you want me, cuz I want you, baby baby baby, aaaaaa (hump stage, piss off Morris Day) aaaaaaah waaaaant yoooouuuuu!'

It was cool.

Were doing all Super 8's on the tour, because Figo will have nothing but the highest standard accommodations.

Tonight and tomorrow we're at The Metro in Chicago, then it's off to Toronto. They speak Canadian there.

Ta ta for now.......

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