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Monday, July 06, 2009


I am pleased to announce that The Legal Diva broke 1300 on the last vinyl haul she pulled down in Chuck-Town last week. This load features more brand new 180 gram reissues*. Papa Robbie was on hand for the event, his guiding hand is evident and appreciated. There are, of course, selections that are purely Legal Diva. She has expanded my horizons as well as my collection. It's a great time to be in love, and in love with vinyl.

*The Chronic

The Lady Sings the Blues

*2Pac - GH

*Raising Hell

*Motor Booty Affair

Welcome to the Real World

*Booty's Rubber Band - Ahh....The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!

Kenny - What About Me

Luther - Power of Love

that's a mighty good haul. didn't you get The Chronic in an earlier vinyl shopping trip?
I saw an LP copy of Off The Wall on St. Mark's Place last week. It's that place that has the vinyl outside next to the JAS Mart (Japanese market) just off 2nd (heading toward 3rd). He's always got some decent '80's vinyl. But MJ feels very last month already. You moved on quicker than most . . .
We love you, John. Don't ever change.

As you infer, I had my MJ rediscovery moment about 6 months prior to his death. Of course, the recent over-exposure via tv has caused me to put him back on the shelf until such a time when nobody cares again.

I will, however, go and seek out that copy of 'Off the Wall', though it's probably gone by now.
Oh, sorry, Fred. No we hadn't picked up 'The Chronic' until just now, though it's been on the 'need to buy' list for some time, and maybe I mentioned that previously.
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