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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Okay, to catch up, I found work at Burger World, the Legal Diva is now a Pickle Person, much has changed, but so little has changed. American politics is still fucked despite the tide of positivity that Obama surfed into the White House. Rock and Roll from the 70's is still far superior to it's current facsimile, and the Jets can still be counted upon for a let-down. Granted the recent let-downs have been much more satisfying - thanks Rex.

Rex and Obama. Tragic greatness. They both have achieved so much, certainly much more than their predecessors, but have fallen just short of the mark. So close they could taste it. Of course they're both still in the game, but it's sort of 'back to the drawing board' for both of them. The upside is that they both are currently enjoying favorable approval ratings, and some real momentum. Obama's recent recovery of his popularity as opposed to Rex's steady stream of 'atta boy's is the only basic difference between their positions. They both have to go back and convince their teams that the dream can be reality, that if everyone stays committed, continues to believe, then this time they can really do it........again. One more time into the breach.

I gotta say, of the two, I have more faith in Rex's ability to pull it off. Mr. Obama and Mr. Ryan both face old and devious rivals. They both fight evil. The Devil is in their respective divisions, and as of late he's been a consistently favored winner. To the Coach and the President's considerable credit, they both have had decisive victories against their intimidating enemies, but in the end, I think Rex has a better team than Obama does.

But I digress.......

So, yeah, I basically quit the Internet a while back. About a year and a half. I oversocialnetworked. Many people have obsessive responses to this new social phenomenon. My own began to have a negative effect on my psyche. It got to where I was more concerned about Papa Robbie's response to a fleeting inconsequential remark about Joe Walsh than I was about enjoying the ability to write about Joe Walsh and have people I've never met read what I wrote, and even, sometimes, respond positively, and engage in discourse about Joe Walsh and Joe Walsh related topics.

Of course I have only myself to blame. Early on in my BlogLife I took to comment baiting. I posted outlandish and idiotically provocative sentiments for the expressed purpose of causing a ruckus. I got what I paid for.

I've learned something, I hope, about myself, and I think the process has improved me. Humility is not sincere when it is slathered in sarcasm, and a rampant unchecked ego is a friend to no one.

Having said that, I still think that I'm right, and 'Funk 49' - despite being a reference to a supposed fragrance, is a bit funky, certainly for a white dude from Ohio.

Cool man!!! Love the pick. Fire that FB account back up too!
Yeah, what he said.
Now answer your damn email dude!
Which one?
so happy to have a little savage distortion back in my life

maybe what you need is less social networking but not cold turkey

i love the comparison between rex and obama. i doubt many would make it. but it is spot on.
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