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Sunday, March 11, 2007


There was a time, during my last year as an undergrad at SUNY Albany - where I was minoring in Theater, when my thespian room-mates and I spoke nothing but Walkenese around the house.

I'd come home and say; "Paul (pause), I think we need (pause) to go to Taco Bell."

And Paul would reply; "You don't know (pause),It's gonna be great......"

We worshiped this man. We'd watch any movie he was in, no matter how lousy ('View To A Kill', 'Prophecy') and memorize his lines so we could work them into our daily lives.

Friends of ours had to intervene and make us stop.

Chris is the man.

Just watched "What to do in Denver When You're Dead" this weekend. Many memorable Walken lines in that.
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