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Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, here we go folks.....

The reactionary GOP is already gunning for Obama, and they start off strong with a swipe at his wife. Nice going boys, you make us all proud.

It's quite obvious that with a decaying corpse representing the GOP in the national election you're going to need to play dirty.....as if you have any other tactics to call upon.

You're right it's terrible when folks make mountains out of mole hills and bring issues to the WWF level like this.
Hey what are molehills for, after all.

Look, I'm well aware of my hypocracy, boastful even, but I'm not an elected official, I'm as unofficial as you can get.

I'm also on the morally correct side of this particular issue. The GOP plays dirty. I fight fire with fire.

It is called Savage Distortion.
You had to like the link to yourself though...
Yes sir, very cunning usage of the computer magic.
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